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Business Breakthroughs with Neal DiPentino In the dynamic world of business, challenges are a given. Neal Dipentino teams up with seasoned experts to dissect these challenges, offering listeners not just anecdotes, but real solutions. Every episode of ”Business Breakthroughs” is a fusion of experience-driven insights and actionable strategies. If you’re in the pursuit of turning challenges into growth opportunities, this podcast is your guide.

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Join us on "Business Breakthroughs" for an episode with Dr. Axel Meierhoefer, CEO of Ideal Wealth Grower. Hosted by Neal DiPentino, this episode goes into Axel's journey from his Air Force career to mastering real estate investing. Find out the strategies behind Axel's success designed to bring financial independence and time freedom through real estate investing. 
Whether you're an investor or new to real estate, Axel's insights on performance-based investing and market selection hold valuable lessons on how to build sustainable wealth. 
Tune into this real estate investing conversation and discover a clear way to your financial goals with Dr Axel Meierhoefer's tested methodologies.
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Neal DiPentino:
Axel Meierhoefer: 

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Join Neal Dipentino for an episode of "Business Breakthroughs" as he goes a step inside the work of Michelle Paradis. Michelle, a coach specializing in medical leadership, brings a fresh perspective to operating rooms by equipping surgeons with self-leadership skills.
From her journey as a French-Canadian educator to her role in medical leadership coaching in Charleston, South Carolina, Michelle's story is both inspiring and enlightening.
Connect to learn how specific coaching can lead to breakthroughs in high-risk environments like surgical teams. Whether you're a surgeon looking to improve your leadership skills or simply curious about the power of self-leadership, Michelle's insights provide lessons for personal and professional growth.
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Neal DiPentino:
Michelle Paradis 

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino on "Business Breakthroughs" to explore Jeff Sesol's approach to business coaching through his company Pull the Chute. 
What you'll learn:
Jeff's insights on the transformative p ower of recognizing and harnessing business potentials.
Strategies for business growth and operational excellence that have helped countless companies thrive under Jeff's leadership.
Jeff's personal journey from technology innovator to influential business coach, and how it influences his coaching philosophy.
Gain valuable lessons on how to build a strong operational infrastructure and foster a culture of growth and innovation in your company. Discover how Jeff's skydiving analogy applies to decision making and business leadership.
Connect with
Neal DiPentino:
Jeff Sesol 
Produced by Titan Media Worx:
This episode was produced by Titan Media Worx, your partner in professional podcast production. Visit our website for more interesting business content and expert opinions.
Tune in now to this enlightening episode with Jeff Sesol and start transforming your business approach today.

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Neal DiPentino welcomes to Business Breakthroughs Julie Rowland, who has gone from teacher to top business coach. 
Learn about the collaborative power of her groups under Quadrivium Advisors, which encourages shared ideas and breakthroughs. Ideal for ambitious entrepreneurs aspiring to take their next big leap, this episode is all about leadership, strategy and growth advice. 
Don't miss it - get the advantage you need to take your business to the next level with Julie's strategies.
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Neal DiPentino:
Julie Rowland:

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino on Business Breakthroughs welcomes Manny Skevofilax, principal of Portal CFO, for a conversation on financial strategy and business growth. 
Manny has earned a reputation not only as a consultant, but as a "business therapist," offering deep insight into strategic planning, financial analysis and the human side of entrepreneurship. From his early days in the restaurant business to his successful career in corporate banking and consulting, Manny shares his journey and how he helps entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of financial management. 
Tune in for this episode packed with practical advice and transformative insights.
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Neal DiPentino:
Manny Skevofilax: 

Monday Apr 01, 2024

In our chat with Sid Mohasseb at Business Breakthroughs, Sid shares his view of business. He talks about the importance of understanding what customers really want, beyond just selling products. Sid believes that success comes from making the right exchanges, not just in sales but in all aspects of the business, including how we work with employees and partners.
He stresses that every company and every situation is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Sid's focus is on adapting and finding what works best in each situation.
This episode contains advice for anyone who wants to think differently about their business strategy and achieve success by focusing on meaningful exchanges. Sid's insights remind us that, in business, it is important to focus on what really mvatters to people.
Connect with:
Neal DiPentino:
Sid Mohasseb

Monday Apr 01, 2024

In Business Breakthroughs, Neal DiPentino talks with Bret Magpiong, author and founder of Rudius Strategies Group. Bret shares his vision of success, emphasizing that it's not just about money, but also about happiness and relationships. He presents the Delta Theorem from his book, a guide to finding your purpose and making a real impact. Bret's advice: find what you love and go for it. For more of Bret's work, visit This episode is full of simple but powerful advice for a fulfilling life and career.
Connect with:
Neal DiPentino:
Bret Magpiong

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Join host Neal DiPentino on the "Business Breakthroughs" podcast for a conversation with Josh Thomas, founder of Factor One. Josh shares valuable insights on how to overcome barriers to business growth by harnessing the power of clarity.
Discover the difference between movement and action as Josh reveals how focused action, guided by a clear "North Star," can push your business forward. 
Whether you're a service entrepreneur or aspiring to take significant steps in your journey, Josh's practical strategies give you a roadmap for turning ambition into achievement. Connect to discover transformative ideas that will empower your entrepreneurial efforts.
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Neal DiPentino:
Josh Thomas

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Join host Neal DiPentino on "Business Breakthroughs" for a conversation with Jack Skeels, CEO and Founder of AgencyAgile and author of "Unmanaged." Jack's mission to revolutionize leadership and management practices promises to reshape your approach to business.
Go into the agile methodology and its modern adaptation as Jack reveals the limitations of traditional agile implementations and presents his groundbreaking "Unmanaged" approach. Discover the power of understanding the "why" of tasks, granting autonomy to teams and minimizing management intervention to improve productivity.
Whether you're into agile methodologies or looking for innovative management strategies, Jack's insights offer a fresh perspective on creating a more efficient, collaborative and empowered workplace. 
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Neal DiPentino:
Jack Skeels:

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Join us on a journey into a new episode of "Business Breakthroughs." with Neal DiPentino and Dustin Bogle. Dustin's story goes beyond business success.
From overcoming personal challenges to establishing six gyms and two seven-figure companies, Dustin's journey is nothing short of inspiring.
Discover Dustin's "charm sales process," a strategy designed to create genuine connections and drive conversions across multiple industries. Whether you're in fitness or any other field, Dustin's insights into remote business operations and customer engagement are a must for reaching success.
Connect with:
Neal DiPentino:
Dustin Bogle 


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